Pure Art Caramel Desire Contemporary Metal Artwork - Large Modern Abstract Wall Art Decor Sculpture - Set of 5 Panels 69” x 40”


Pure Art Caramel Desire Contemporary Metal Artwork - Large Modern Abstract Wall Art Decor Sculpture - Set of 5 Panels 69” x 40”


Does your artwork make people stand up and take notice?
You’ve spent a lot of time decorating your home so it is reflection of you, your taste and your style. But maybe something’s missing. That certain something, that wow factor you want to take your design to the next level. Is your artwork doing all it can do for your space? Is it giving you that fantastic focal point you want? Why not add depth and dimension to your walls by adding handcrafted metal art work? If you do, your walls will never be the same.

Ride the Waves of Caramel Desire Metal Wall Art

Our Caramel Desire Metal wall art is a unique piece that will add dimension, depth and life to your room. The large size, vibrant colors and abstract design give your living room, bedroom, dining room or office a real focal point and make people stand up and take notice. Because of the unique properties of metal wall décor and its interplay with light, you get movement and motion from the piece that you can’t from traditional artwork. As the light in your room changes you will be mesmerized by how Caramel Desire changes before your eyes. This gorgeous caramel piece is handcrafted, original 3D art created on hand-grinded and sanded

Our products
Pure Art products are handmade at our facility by skilled artisans. We use only the highest quality materials as well as environmentally friendly materials with no hydrocarbons or solvents. Our high-quality brushed aluminum is carefully inspected on both sides for quality, artistic integrity and durability, so your art will last you for years to come.

Your Pure Art Artwork arrives in custom made packaging that ensures each panel is received in perfect condition. Great attention has been placed on protecting the corners and edges of the piece with custom fit polystyrene, while the thick cardboard outer cover has not only been designed to be practical but also attractive and vibrant.You will find enclosed full hanging instructions and a useful hanging template, to place on the wall for alignment.

About Pure Art
We started out as a small family business and found our passion in art so decided to put all our energy into providing beautiful artwork for people like you. Our philosophy is to run a fair and successful business, so we are committed to only producing products that genuinely deliver the wow factor. For that reason, our unique artwork is designed by us or our commissioned artists, and is 100% hand painted and hand crafted by professional experienced artists.